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About crummcorp, inc.


steisha ponczoch

president, chief executive officer

Like you, Steisha Ponczoch wants to change the world.  Steisha approaches it by taking it one small, yet important speck at a time. As CEO and founder of CrummCorp, Inc., she recruited a team of creative do-gooders to help her achieve this goal. In her role, she provides operational, marketing, fundraising,
investment, and most importantly, motivational support. Together with the CrummCorp team, Steisha is on track to build and manage a corporation that changes the way you use technology.

CrummCorp, Inc. was founded with the vision of helping real people with real problems. Our goal is to create unique and practical tools that provoke thought, promote engagement, and generate profit. To realize our vision and goal, we are developing websites and applications that solve problems every one of us faces every day. To retain and build the team necessary for these developments, we foster a culture of energy, creativity, and change-making.